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Our Weight Loss Clinic

Did you know that up to 40% of all pets in Ireland are now deemed to be overweight? Just as in human medicine, obesity accounts for a huge problem with regard to the vast number of clinical conditions it can cause and contribute to. These include diabetes, arthritis, respiratory conditions and heart trouble.

All of these conditions can result in our pets requiring lifelong medication, altered lifestyles and in some cases special expensive diets. This causes a lot of the conditions we see in everyday veterinary practice to actually be preventable.

Rather than treating your pets for these conditions, we believe that prevention is far better than the cure. Due to this, we are setting up a free weight loss clinic with personalised weight loss plans including help with feeding, and exercise plans, tailored specifically to your dog or cat. Not only will this hopefully result in your dog living a longer and much more fulfilled life, it will also hopefully save you lots in the long run too.

Most people ask to know specifically what weight should their pet be. This can be very hard to answer as there can be a huge variation in healthy weights within 1 breed.

The best way of approaching finding the optimum body size for your pet is to look at its body condition score. This is a series of charts which set out a guideline of particular characteristics of a healthy body type. We use these guidelines to help get your pet to reach their optimum healthy weight. If you think your pet is not within the recommended body condition score please feel free to contact us for a free weight assessment.


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